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Getting Started

Essential Information to Kickstart Your Experience. Your first step into Links Performance begins here.

Getting started is as easy as booking an appointment online, sending us an email, or giving us a call.

TPI stands for the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI offers world leading golf health & fitness training, and all of our practitioners at Links Health & Performance have undergone further training with TPI.

Links Health & Performance is designed to be based in your local golf club. With golf specific osteopathy treatment, massage, rehabilitation, and golf specific training all available in the convenience of your local club.  LinksHP is bring the best of golf health & fitness, to you.

All of our practitioners have undergone their respective Australia standard qualification, with further training in golf specific healthcare and fitness training. 

You don’t need to be injured to start your journey with LinksHP. Although our practitioners specialise in helping golfers who are injured, or golfers avoid injury. We are also able to help you achieve your golfing performance goals as well.


From customised treatments to personalised training plans, find the guidance you need to begin playing your best golf.

Links Health & Performance offers TPI assessments, osteopathy, remedial massage, and golf fitness classes.

Our training programs include golf specific strength & power development, core & rotational control for golfers, balance & swing stability, and golf flexibility & mobility.

Our practitioners will adapt all of our programs to meet your ability levels and specific outcome goals

Absolutely. Our programs can be adapted for all ages, and abilities. We pride ourselves on being focused in keeping older golfers playing for as long as possible, but that isn’t the only group we can help.

Not yet, but very soon we will be offering downloadable programs that your can do from anywhere in the world.

We offer training programs that can be done either in the comfort of your lounge room with no gym equipment, to programs that would be best completed in a gym.

At our associated golf clubs, we intermittently run some information nights and seminars to help golfers best understand their bodies, injuries, or the unique mechanics of the golf swing.
Email to inquire about upcoming events.


What to expect when you come and visit one of our member clubs for a treatment or training session.

Wearing comfortable clothes is important as your practitioner may need you to performance a variety of movements, test, simulation golf swings, or make an area exposed for treatment.

Initial treatment & assessment – 1 hour
Long appointment – 40 mins
Short appointment – 20 mins

Rehabilitation (max 4 ppl) – 1 hour
Exercise class (max 10 ppl) – 1 hour

Initial treatment & assessment – $129
Long appointment – $129
Short appointment – $99

Rehabilitation (max 4 ppl) – $50
Exercise class (max 10 ppl) – $25

Training & Equipment

Coupled with expert guidance from our skilled trainers, you’ll find the perfect balance between challenge and support.

We are happy to work with any level of fitness equipment that you have available. We believe that all exercises can be effectively achieved without purchasing expensive exercise machines to have at home. 

Some of our practitioners are qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches, and upon request will have 1-on-1 training sessions

We do not rent out equipment but do have some rehabilitation specific equipment that you can purchase or borrow for the duration of treatment plan.

Have More Questions?

If you have further inquiries about what Links Performance has to offer, be sure to write to us or call.
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