Golf Fitness Programs

Tailored for every level, our diverse range of programs ensures progress and success, whether you’re a novice or an expert. Reserve your spot now and swing into a world of superior golf training.

The Links Approach

In the realm of golfing performance, we strive to look deeper. At Links Health & Performance, we unravel the ‘why’ behind your limitations.
Pain might stem from unexpected sources: a tight hip limiting your golf swing, stiffness in the mid-back causing neck discomfort, or calf pain rooted in weakness or chronic injury.

Our programs are designed with sustainability, complexity, and injury management at their core. Power & Strength can only be built on a solid foundation of stability & control. Our progressive programs will help ensure you can achieve your golfing goals.

Our Philosophy

At Links Health & Performance, our fitness philosophy is 

                               ‘Complexity & Control’

Our programs are built to progress you through more complex movements, challenging your core muscles, control of movement, and balance. 
Gone are the days of progression by just adding more weight. 

Get in contact with us to see if joining one of our fitness classes could be right for you.

Core & Control

Sport Injuries

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Power & Strength

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